my poem's mythology

connection      sounding the fifth note of our Summer

accepting our inspirations and dreams as our memory and guide

There is a mythology story that tells of the Apple being the awakener of dreams stored in our souls that inspire us with revelations that manifest throughout our awakening days.

Bards through the ages have shared stories of Quirt the Apple bearing fragrant blossoms and waxy from which stories of the fae and the sidhe will always be created and told.

They tell us that fairy stories reveal the dark side of our dreams, if we try to avoid accepting them, or the light side of dreams if we choose to let our dreams guide us.

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my Quirt the Apple story poem explained ...

There is quite a bit of whimsy through this story poem.

I commence with a demonstration of how cutting an apple reveals a 5 pointed star.

This quickly moves on to introducing us to an apple picker who gets tired and falls asleep.

As he falls into that slumber between waking and sleep, he dreams of apples and apple sorting . Out of this is heard the voices of "little people", the Fae maybe.

At this point I slide from the apple picker's dream into being an apple picker within the dream world of William Butler Yeats, into the world that may have inspired a lot of his poetry.

Though not named W.B.Yeats actually enters this world to be with the "little people" and there we venture through an altered version of part of his Song Of The Wandering Aengus poem.

The "little people" find W.B. a little bit too serious, though, and so they tease him and encourage him to be more playful with others.

The theme of this poem is an encouragement to be playful with others and accept opportunities to exchange fantasies together rather than be self absorbed in a hermit world that may not be discovered  by others until we have left this earth.

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