turning and furnishings

For some reason wood turners love the challenge of apple, but very few are successful using the wood. For wood turners Apple wood has a tendency to crack and warp after further drying.

Apple wood was once a very popular wood for furniture making but today appropriate wood is very hard to obtain and very expensive if available.

For furnishing work only the apple tree trunk provides suitable wood and not the limbs and branches. Also, any suitable wood has to be slowly air dried for 10 years. Today, Apple trees are smaller, narrower, and who is going to wait 10 years for some wood furniture wood supplies? Apple wood that is force cured tends to crack or warp. Only 10 year old air dried is suitable.

Sometimes ornate handles on doors and furniture are made with Apple wood

construction carpentry

Due to its very small availability and price it is very, very unlikely for Apple wood to be used in building construction.

other crafts

Apple is a premium wood for making woodwind instruments. The wood still has to be air dried for 10 years to eliminate riskes of cracking and warping but with this patience can be turned into the most wonderful flutes and recorders. Gently dried Apple wood is sometimes used to make violins and violas too.

Perhaps the most advanced use of Apple wood is for part of complete construction of soundboxes on harps, but that would make the harp very expensive, but with a load clear rich tone.

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